Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Stretch
If you are anything like myself your winter physical activities are limited to snow removal, the occasional skate and less occasional snow shoe excursion. I have no excuses. Although I love to be outdoors I seem to find a gazillion indoor tasks, put off till 'later'. Winter is my hour of 'later'. With this in mind stretching, particularly as we age, is of the utmost importance for your return to outdoor garden activities. For those unfortunate to believe gardening is a chore, stretching may help you change your mind. Gardening can use just about very muscle (especially those that you are unaware of their existence - until you pull one!) Here's some information and stretches recommend from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA).
Without the strain & pain, you may find gardening to be more rejuvenating and rewarding!
There's no better gift to yourself and the planet than adding more green.

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